Election Period: 2022 Primary 7/15 - 8/2

The current drop box watch period is for the upcoming primary. Learn more about the current primary election at SOS website.

Thank You  ALL for Registering! ALL Slots have been Filled!



EMPOWERING ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ To Prevent Election Fraud in Washington State By Securing Drop Boxes and Educating Citizens.

STEP 1: Register To Be A Ballot Dropbox Observer

All users of this website must register before their drop box booking will be approved.

Bookings created before the registration and signed Liability Waiver are received, will stay pending for 1 day.  If no registration or waiver has been received after 1 day, the bookings will be cancelled.

STEP 2: Download, Review, Sign and Send In The Completed Liability Waiver

At this time, you will need to send the signed Liability Waiver PDF to:

This is required to understand your legal rights and responsibilities as a dropbox watcher / observer. 

STEP 3: Watch for Approval Email.

The Dropbox Watch Team will review and verify your registration information. Once approved, you can select your county to the right to book your dropbox observing in the county, location, and date and time of your choosing.

Do you have questions or concerns?

Critical Steps YOU Should Take

to Secure YOUR Vote.


Vote Election Day

Don’t mail in your ballot… WALK IT IN to the auditors or use a drop box on election day only.  AS long as we have mail in voting in WA this is one of our best way to help prevent fraud.


Verify Ballot Online

Check VoteWa.gov make sure you are active and that no fraudulent ballot was ‘accepted’ before you vote on election day.  Check often!


Report Suspicious Activity

Be sure to capture, document and report ANY suspicious activity to:  We are the deterrent when we work together and we have a duty and right to secure and protect our elections.

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Elections are the most sacred constitutional right we have as U.S. citizens and should be protected. You should be informed, empowered, and confident that our elections are secure and transparent.

Our goal at Guard The Vote is to help give the power back to the people by keeping them informed and providing avenues and tools so that we, the people, can take our elections back.

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