Dropbox Watch

About Us

Dropboxwatch.com was created by citizen volunteers from both sides of the aisle concerned about the integrity of our ballot’s chain of custody. In light of the movie 2000 mules, we wanted to give the citizens a means to surveil their local drop boxes. Although “ballot harvesting“ is technically legal in Washington state, it is ONLY designed for family members to retrieve ballots from other family members who cannot make it to the box.


Our purpose is to document any suspicious activity which would include individuals “dumping an in ordinate amount of ballots“ into the boxes and taking pictures of themselves doing it. This would be indicative of some type of proof needed of the “deposit“ before payment.

Our goal is to empower the citizens of Washington State to gather verifiable information that can lead to exposing any type of ballot harvesting ring that is taking place in our state above and beyond the ballots of family members.

Our team is completely volunteer-based and was created for the sole purpose of providing a public service for scheduling dropbox watching for the upcoming primary and general elections.

Our objective As stated above, we only provide a service and are not directing or organizing any activities concerning the Dropbox watching. Other than giving “best practices“ recommendations as to how to stay safe and conducting behavior in a peaceful non-confrontational manner, there is no other administrative role that dropboxwatch.com provides.