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This is your opportunity to join other Washingtonians to help secure our elections in Washington State.

STEP 1Complete the form to be register and be verified.

You will need to download the Liability Waiver from the link below.
Fill out the form and send to:


STEP 2 – Download, complete and sign the Liability Waiver

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Once I register to Drop Box Watching, what should I expect next?


You will receive an email confirming your regisration with Your next step should be to visit the Liability Waiver page and download a copy of the waiver that you need to fill and sign and then email to

You will now be able to book county ballot drop box watching.

When I book a ballot drop box to watch at the date and time of my choosing, I get an email telling me that it was created and is in pending status. What does this mean?



This is normal. Within a day or sooner, an Administrator will review your booking request and check to make sure that you have registered with the website for drop box watching, and that you have returned your fill and signed Liability Waiver. If, after a day, does not receive both items, this reservation will be deleted.

How do I edit or cancel my ballot box watching reservation/booking



When you created your booking, you were sent an email confirming your booking. In this email were links to view/edit/cancel the booking. If you lost your email and need to change or cancel your reservation, please email the Administrator with your request to

I think I found an error with one of your drop pins representing a ballot drop box in my county. How do I notify you to correct it?



Please notify the Administrator by sending an email with the missing or incorrect information to

I'm a little concerned about my safety when observing my booked ballot drop box during my day and time; what can I do to increase my safety?


Answer: is very concerned about all the observers' safety during their watch. We suggest that if you feel a little uneasy watching alone, that you invite someone to go along with you. Additionally, we will be providing a guide to assist all users of this website in their effort at doing their ballot drop box watchin in a safe and legal manner.

If at any time, you do not feel safe, please leave the area  immediately and go to a safe place, and if necessary, notify the police!